Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase accounts from the shop?

Head over to the 'Accounts Shop' page, select your product and you'll be redirected to the purchase gateway. When your payment is completed.

My account is not working anymore. What should I do?

Just click the "Replace" button on your purchases page to generate a replacement account instantly.

How can I make these accounts last longer?

Simple Just Follow our rules.

How many replacements can I generate?

Our accounts are HQ and unquie. Few replacements per day to prevent abuse our replacing system.

Am I allowed to resell/share these accounts?

Yes ofc.

i bought private netflix account i try to login i got error "invalid password"?

just reset password via mail access.

i bought private netflix account but i dont know how to access the mail?

Create ticket from support page, we will help you.

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