What is the Netflix Private Account?
    Our Netflix Private Accounts are private accounts created by our system. This is exactly like having your own personal Account.
Why are there Limited Replacements?
    Limited replacements are put in place if there are common issues. Some examples include:
        • Membership cancelled
        • Account on hold for payments
I've purchased an account but it is not working?
    If your account isn't working, try resetting the password as you will have access to the email provided.
How do I use my private account?
    Once you have purchased the account from us, please follow these steps:
        1) Change the password
        2) Remove any old profiles on the account (If Applicable)
        3) Create your own profile, you can put your own phone number if you wish
        • You can access the account without a VPN
Change the email for any reason. Changing the email will void warranty of the account.
How long will my private account last?
We Guarantee at least one month. Once it has passed the first month it can last up to a year. If you have any issues please contact our support.
I am trying to reset the password but it keeps saying link invalid, what should I do?
You should try with a different browser, it will work.

IMPORTANT: Any attempt of lying that your account does not work to get a second free account will mean your account will get suspended and no refunds will be given. (This is only applicable if you have claimed the account and lie that it did not work to get another)